Wellness program goals


GRADES 9 & 10

9TH-I & 10TH-II

human heart



Philosophy and Goals:


The Health and Wellness Curriculum guide is an organized, sequential curriculum for teaching students the information and skills they need to become health literate, maintain and improve health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors. This curriculum helps students develop skills to protect them from the six categories of risk behaviors identified by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention:


1.Behaviors that the result is intentional and unintentional  injuries

2.Tobacco use.



3.Alcohol and other drug use.



4.Sexual behaviors that result in HIV infection, other STD’s, and uninteneded pregnancies.



5.Dietary patterns that contribute to disease.



6.Insufficient physical activity.


Text:Meeks, Heit, and Page. Health and Wellness.Meeks Heit Publishing Co., Ohio 1998.