Physical Education Syllabus

Harrisburg High School – John Harris Campus


Course Number & Title-Physical Education I & II

Graduation Credit Requirement:  1/2 of 1 in Subject Area

Teacher Name:klandis

School Phone Number: 717-703-4300

Teacher E-mail:


Course Description: Each grade level is a prerequisite for the next grade level

This course is designed to meet the needs of all students at Harrisburg High School through a wide range of activities.   Through this process, the Department will attempt to establish physical activities as a vital and continuing part of life.  Physical Education is a co-educational program where each student may register at the beginning of each quarter for a different activity.



Course Topical Outline/Timeline:  Fall activities: Football, tennis, cardio-fitness activities, gymnastics, strength and conditioning, soccer and field hockey.

Winter activities: basketball, volleyball, cardio-fitness activities, gymnastics, strength and conditioning.

Spring activities: Baseball/softball, lacrosse, tennis, cardio-fitness activities, gymnastics, strength and conditioning.



Textbook and Other Resources:  Foundations of Personal Fitness


Course Final Average Calculation


Semester Courses

Marking Period 1 = 40%                                                                         

Marking Period 2 = 40%

Final Exam = 20%


Marking Period 3 = 40%

Marking Period 4 = 40%

Final Exam = 20%

Marking Period Average Calculation


Participation=50%  Warm-up/Stretch 25%


Current grades, attendance, grade reports, transcripts, assignments, course documents, and more information is available through Home Access Center, located on the school district home page.  Please contact the school if you do not have a log-in and password for this valuable resource.


Classroom Rules and Expectations:           



  1. In order to meet State Standards the recommended P.E. uniform is a T-shirt, shorts, socks and athletic shoes.Sweat shirt / pants may be worn.
  2. You will enter the gym and go right to your spots for attendance. After each teacher has done their attendance, you go into your respective locker- rooms and change. When you are dressed you return to the gym and begin the warm-up laps. When the locker-rooms are clear we all then take 5minutes for some stretching exercises. After we finish with the laps and stretching, you report to your activity.
  3. When dismissed from your activity report to the locker room to dress into your school clothes and then report to your squads for the end of the period attendance.
  4. Follow all rules in the student handbook.(NOCELL PHONES,I-PODS ,ETC)



  1. Each student is expected to be actively involved during the entire specified time period. (Standing and talking is not acceptable)


  1. Students must present their absentee card the next P.E. class.
  2. Excused absents can be made up after or before school within 5 days.


  1. Long-term excuse, you must have a MI19 form completed.
  2. Short-term excuse, you must have a Doctor’s Note.

V.  ASSESSMENT                                                                                                                                                                                   

  1. Your grade will be based on a 100-point daily total.
  2. 25 Points for dressing out and 25 points for the warm-up/stretching and 50 points for actively participating in the activities. The final will be 20% of your grade.
  3. Assessments are based on the District Benchmarks and the State Standards.
  4. Progress reports after 15 days.





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