Physical Education Requirements

Harrisburg  School District Physical Education

Regulations and Grading Policy


Each physical education class is worth a total of 100 points. Points will be assigned based on the physical education rubric. We follow all school rules.


Absolutely No Electronic Devices of any kind will be permitted in class


Absent from class – Students must make up their PE classes to earn credit. Please see your attendance teacher for make-up procedure. You have 5 days from the date of the excuse to make it up.



Parent/Medical Excuses – Students will not earn points or have points deducted for an approved parent or medical excuse. Students may be excused from class 2 times per marking period with a note from their parent or guardian for illness/injury. Long-term excuse, you must have a MI19 form completed. Short-term excuse, you must have a Doctor’s Note.



Uniform Requirement:


Mandatory school PE uniform (Students will have two weeks after the start of school to purchase a gym uniform from the school store right across from the main office. Price starts at $19.00 for sizes small through extra-large and price goes up for 2xl and up.)

* 30 points will be awarded for like dress and full participation.

Athletic socks

Sneakers – tied properly, must have in order to participate in PE

Sweat shirt/pants – in cooler weather


Points will be deducted for the following violations:

  • Late getting to your activity.
  • Inappropriate behavior in activity/gym,
  • Continual defiance of rules will result in a greater number of points deducted.
  • Points will also be deducted for lack of participation, effort, disrespect of PE teacher/equipment and failure to follow instructions/rules.


Please see the physical education participation rubric.


Students are encouraged to purchase a combination lock. All valuables should be locked in a gym locker during class. Due to the number of lockers, students may use them during their class only.