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Starting with the class of 2019, students can request their transcript at https://tinyurl.com/hbgsdstutranscript instead of coming to the Guidance office to complete a paper request form.  Once students get to the website they can quickly and easily create an account and start requesting transcripts right away!

The benefits of an online transcript request include

    • Convenience for Students - Requests can be made right from the home computer without having to miss class to go to the Guidance.
    • Faster Service - Parchment immediately notifies the Guidance of the transcript request and transcripts can be processed within 48 hours
    • Easy Tracking - Students can follow, via Parchment, exactly where their transcript is in the process
    • More Secure Delivery - Since transcripts are sent electronically they go directly into the student's file at college, there is no chance of a paper transcript getting misplaced or lost in the mail
    • Good for the Environment - Using electronic transcripts will save hundreds of pieces of paper that were used to print out paper transcripts in the past


Gym Uniform
Gym Uniform
All students taking Physical Education class are required to wear the school issued uniform pictured above by the Cougar mascot. They can be purchased ...